Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We Must Be Crazy

Sure, everybody waits until the day before to turn their attn to getting ready for a backpack on Mt. Whitney---NOT!!!

But apparently we do.

Well, we did at least make some jerky starting last Sunday!

So today I finished getting what I consider to be the bare necessities for my little trek: a bear canister (required); water filtration/purification; moleskin so I can keep walking; a GOOD LED headlamp; and bug juice. I threw in a little survival tent for good measure.

Combined with my backpack, hydration pack, sleeping bag, compass, rain poncho, survival blanket, hand sanitizer, aspirin for possible High-Altitude Sickness, lighter, and bandanna, that really covers the basics. I'll be wearing layered clothes and hat and carrying my walking stick. DH has his gear plus water and GPS.

Not much of a list, huh? The bear canister will be loaded up with homemade jerky, trail mix, nuts, and probably some tubes of ZipFizz. DH gets to carry two bottles of Electrolyte water so we will have bottles to collect water in addition to having electrolytes [without the glucose of Gat*rade that slams a hypoglycemic like me].

We're planning to leave tomorrow for the Portal and will actually be in the Zone July 5-7th. Wish us well!!!

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