Monday, November 3, 2008

Summiting Mount Whitney, July 2008

The final installment of the Mt. Whitney trip has finally been posted! You can find it here.

Also, I realized I'd forgotten to put the video footage in the previous installments, so I went back and added them to each of the previously published posts.

To review the entire Mt. Whitney trip in chronological order:

The first installment is here.

The second installment is here.

The third installment is here.

The fourth installment is here.

The video from the summit is here.

The fifth installment is here.

The final installment is here.

Enjoy the view from the top of the continental United States, especially since you don't have to do all that walking in thin air!

But consider this: Grandma Whitney must've been on to something about improving one's health in those heights. After all, I had a BB-sized cancer spot in my lungs in May that was gone 2.5 months later (after climbing Whitney, White, and Baden-Powell) without any toxic chemotherapies.

So consider removing the seat of your body from the seat of your chair and taking a hike in the mountains!

With warmest regards,
Hiking for Hope

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