Saturday, June 20, 2009

If It's Tuesday, I Must Be Infused

I finished up the drug for the pericarditis and pleurisy last Sunday. Even though it was a long day driving home from the beach, I hadn't relapsed when I awoke Monday. I could still breathe okay!

On Tuesday, I had my normal weekly infusion appointment in the afternoon. I'd done a little catch-up work around the homestead before heading in, and I noticed by that evening I was having sharp pains in my chest. I seem to have physically overdone it, as far as the pericarditis was concerned. And that means it's not gone, but I am off the medication. Hmm...we will have to discuss this with the cardiologist next Monday.

Wednesday and Thursday, I worked a little and napped a lot. I still tire so easily.

But Friday, I worked a lot and didn't nap at all! I'm definitely feeling stronger every day. So my hiking buddy and I headed out that evening on a roadtrip to a recreational equipment store. The entire drive there, I was having sharp stabs of pain in my heart---the pericarditis letting me know I had done too much physical activity again.

We enjoyed the roadtrip and dinner out. I didn't find the Cutter's stick repellent I like so well; but I did pick up an SPF-50, light, COMFY shirt for me; some environmentally safe soap for our trip; and a backpack and sport drinking bottle for my dog.

Saturday, I decided I better go back to just lying in the sun; that's about the speed I can handle right now. But at least it gives me some good vitamin D for my bones, and I'm convinced it does even more good for the spirit and soul. And I certainly need to get over this pericarditis, and beat back the two new lesions in the liver. I asked who wanted to go with me to play in the water, but everyone had other plans.

So I headed out with just my dog for company. It's been awhile since I've been able to take her on a leashed walk, so she could use the refresher! We went walking the trails around a local recreational area, then headed to a more unpopulated local mountain creek. My dog LOVES water, so she was thrilled to be in the outdoors once again. She went wading while I sunbathed, relaxing in the warmth while the wind blew a singing breeze through the trees. It was a peaceful time. I'm so glad I'm alive to enjoy this.

My sunbathing spot looked out over this pool.

Wading right in...that snow water's too cold for me!

Smiling the whole day through.

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