Monday, July 27, 2009

If Only You Believe

My internist didn't like how my organs felt when I was there for an exam, so she sent me for imaging last week. And we got the results: it appears the 1.9- and 1.8-cm cancer lesions that were in my liver 2.5 mo ago are GONE! Yes, GONE!!!! Without the use of any toxic chemotherapies, just the monoclonal antibody (and healing prayer, nutrition, supplements, and all that hiking) since May 26!!!


They are still comparing films to ensure nothing was missed or misread, but so far, it's looking miraculously good! Hallelujah!

I remained true to my word (other than for what my hiking buddy ratted me out) and have just been taking it easy and enjoying hanging out with old friends. But next weekend is the Barcroft Research Station Open House...which reminds me, I need to finish the White Mtn series from LAST YEAR at this time! Anyone want to join us this year? Meet us at the gate the night before!

Well, I may have lost the battle to stay healthy the first half of this year, but the second half of the year belongs to me. And I never worry about losing a battle, because if I'm still here, I'm winning the war!!!!!

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