Saturday, August 29, 2009

Up In Smoke

We have been stymied in our plans for a second weekend, as once again wildfires are burning in the forest. The smoke from the fires chimneys through the canyons to blow right in our direction. I had an asthma attack from it last night, so this weekend I am just hiding indoors in the air conditioning, limiting my physical activity. Our Sierra backpack is coming up, but once again the actual plans have changed. I should find out more on Wednesday.

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This was Saturday, before it really got going!

Red, red moon.

We woke up to a neighborhood filled with smoke the next day.
I can barely see the outline of Mt. Baden-Powell through the smoke.

Honest, there's 9000-ft peaks, including Mt. Baden-Powell, right there!
You can't even see them from Hwy 138.

Hidden now, 8000+ ft Mt. Williamson and others are right there!
Going from 20 to 40 k acres on fire, the smoke is really getting bad now.

Ashes cover everything at our house.

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