Friday, October 1, 2010


Okay, here is a brief update on a few things:

1. I am scheduled to have surgery to place the Ommaya reservoir in my head on October 6; I am expected to be released straight from ICU on October 7.

2. We are still trying to put together the logistics to do the intrathecal drug via lumbar puncture.

3. Since the hand-foot syndrome is caused by chemotherapy inflaming the small capillaries in the hands and feet, I opted to try using the EB Cellular Cleanse footbath to detox my feet. It's like it reset me; I'm not having the level of HFS/PPE that I was having before the footbath.

4. Oct 15 will be 3 months since my last imaging, so I expect we will be doing some and learning what my current status is.

5. I expect to be able to qualify for the clinical trial through the Tumor Vaccine Group in November, after I have my imaging results and have the intrathecal drug so I can drop one of the toxic chemotherapies.

Life is a little hectic these days as I juggle many duties while preparing for surgery!

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