Saturday, December 4, 2010


Sorry for not posting lately; I had a bit of a setback in that the toxicity from the chemotherapy got to be a little too much. We really don't want to kill me while we're trying to cure me! So I have had to focus very hard on surviving and helping my internal organs function.

What's worse, the toxicity resulted in the hand-foot syndrome, complete with painful blisters and fissures and deep splits. My fingertips were not spared, so I have been unable to type and communicate with the outside world via cyberspace. Frustrating!

I did receive my imaging results in November; everything is looking MIRACULOUSLY good. There are no leptomeningeal metastasis (LM) spots in the head, just the ones in the IAC that were ablated with Cyberknife. Everything is stable or improving; nothing is worsening and there are NO new spots.

My oncologist told me I am the first patient he has ever had (in his 40-yr career) that has IMPROVED after being diagnosed with LM. See, there is always hope!
So as you can guess, we had a very BLESSED day of Thanksgiving, grateful for all the good news.

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