Sunday, January 9, 2011

The New Button

2011 is THE Year!

So far, I'm off to the right start for 2011. First off, I'm here! And considering the odds of surviving leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, THAT is saying a LOT! It's now been over a year since the LM symptoms first became apparent, and 8 months since I was diagnosed. I have clinically and neurologically improved almost back to where you would never know anything had happened. Even my smile is slowly returning, and I am still hopeful my hearing will be restored.

"Mr. Puffy" prepared for injection.

Second, I have been going every day, all day, for at least a couple of weeks now. It feels good to be functioning again, especially after the long weeks spent recovering from surgery and intrathecal infusions. I felt so good one day that I even climbed a hill behind my house -- DS and I went cross-country up about 500' elevation and back. We had a little picnic as the sun set behind the higher ridge above us.

Resting the legs and checking out how high we've come.

Looking up from our momentary resting spot,
you can't even see where we picnicked!

I started the new year by hiking the Punchbowl with DH and my new girl...the mile loop, that is! I haven't been able to do that since before the brain surgery. I had to wear the kidney belt to help brace my lower spine, but I managed to do the whole climb without too much difficulty. I even enjoyed the deep clay mud, but I was glad I wore my boots! Unfortunately, I misplaced my camera the night before and didn't get to take any pictures. (I've since found where it had slid inbetween sofa sections.)

Third, I am pressing in on trying to get into the clinical trial in Seattle. This is the year my immune system is fixed, once and for all, and we will document it! I only semi-jokingly tell my doctors that if Seattle wants to refuse me on the basis that they don't think I"m stable/healthy enough, I'll outhike them on any Mt. Rainier trail to prove they should let me in!

And the most amazing thing has been happening --- money (donations) started showing up from all different quarters, including those to whom I normally donate! So I think there must be a supernatural plan afoot for me to get to Seattle for the 11 trips it's going to take to participate in the study. Thanks to my friends and the acupuncturist, I'm READY to go!

Since I was asked to add a way for others who don't personally know me to donate, my IT personnel was kind enough to add a new donation button to my blog. Please know that I have been overwhelmed (verklempt!) at all the generosity that has been shown me. I am truly blessed, and I thank you for the blessings you have poured out to me!

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hadi kalo said...

Well done !!
Keep it up.