Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Road Tested

Road Trippin' to Seattle

August 16–20, 2011
2424 mi roundtrip

When we got the word in August that I'd been accepted (preliminarily) into the clinical trial and to head to Seattle, we were all so excited! But I did NOT feel up to a big trip; there was just no way could I deal with the hustle and stress of air travel these days. Luckily for me, there was no shortage of loved ones offering to drive me there.

I do truly love traveling by car with a good conversational companion; it is my FAVORITE way to travel because it's like sitting in your living room talking to someone you love only with beautiful changing scenery. So with a couple of gas cards donated by the American Cancer Society, we finally finally finally got to head to Seattle to meet our new/old friends there, both personal (K&B graciously put us up for our stay) and at the Tumor Vaccine Group.

We chattered and blasted the stereo and sang along with CDs and oldies stations for two days of driving North. Do you think the driver pulled over to let me snap pictures? Not at all, so you'll have to put up with shots out the windows and whatever perspective I randomly got!

By now, you already know the rest of the story -- I did NOT get accepted into the trial when we showed up there and had to go back home and stop intrathecal treatment thirty days before getting another brain MRI. But you know, we weren't sorry a bit -- we are so happy to have met the faces to go with the names and voices; and we just loved the beautiful road trip!

The first day we drove from SoCal to the Oregon border.
Dinner stop was in Weed--the food at the Cafe was fabulous!

We took a back highway to Eugene; the lakes and forests were amazing.

Our second day of driving was from the CA/OR border to Seattle. Here we cross into WA!

The volcanoes go by much more slowly than when flying. Here's Mt. St. Helen's.

Port (North Tacoma/South Seattle).

K&B's home is like living in a garden. It reminded me so much of the 'aina; very lush!

The next day we headed to the UW (You-Dub) campus where the TVG clinic is located. The weather was beautiful both the day we arrived and the day of my appointment!

Almost at the campus. I love the little bridge towers.

Since I didn't qualify officially for the trial, we left the next morning.
Seattle was gloomier than we were!

Crossing from WA into OR.


Mt. Hood.

Mt. Shasta truly LOOMS in the distance...

Shasta Lakes.

Mt. Shasta still draws me in the most...

The California Aqueduct cutting through our Golden State.

The American River.

I love the Central Valley -- some of the best food is grown here!

Bakersfield. Of course.

Those windmills let us know we are almost home!

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