Friday, September 19, 2008

Back With Fantastic News

I have been absent from the Internet for awhile; sorry for the delay in posting the last part of the Whitney trip (let alone the White Mtn and Mt. Baden-Powell trips -- oy, am I backlogged!). I have the pictures done and almost all captioned and have started the text, so I hope to have it posted soon. But as many of you know, I did not get a normal life; and right now, it's keeping me running nonstop.

I did get some incredible news lately -- my most recent PET scans did not show any signs of cancer active in my body right now! They even went back and compared all the PETs, MRIs, and CTs -- yep, no more spot in my lungs.

Apparently I lost that spot somewhere along the way, climbing these mountains. The rib that has been broken for over a year from cancer eating the bone is almost completely healed now. My spine still shows some activity; but they can't say it's cancer and it is probable that is the bone healing.

So how awesome is that report????!!!!

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