Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Them Bones

I promise, I've been working more on the post for the final day of the Whitney trip! I'm about halfway done with the text now.

In the meanwhile, the weather has turned cold here; and with it, my symptoms have increased. The pain in my bones has gone from a "2' to an "8", as has my fatigue level. I can barely drag myself out of bed and have not been accomplishing very much each day.

The doctor had already suspected that the PET scan wasn't telling us the whole story on the bones (which had showed cancer in the T and L sections of the spine in May) based on a change in my symptoms, and wanted to order a bone scan this month.

So I called yesterday and let them know my symptoms had increased. They scheduled a bone scan for me, but I won't get in for a week plus.

Meanwhile, I'd appreciate your prayers!

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