Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 Backpacking Trip

Even though I am currently grounded and held to less than 6000' altitude, I am still moving forward with the plans for this year's backpack.

We are probably going to push the dates to later in the season than we originally contemplated, which will give me more time to recover, heal, and rebuild. Thanks, guys; I need it!

So far it looks like four of us, the same four who planned to do last year's attempt on Whitney (though two didn't get to come). We've selected the John Muir Trail again, this time from Tuolumne Meadows to Reds Meadow/Devil's Postpile --- oh yeah, with that little (!!!) side trip up Mt. Lyell. I might be skipping that side trip.

So since I already know that I sleep cold, I decided to splurge on a true 15-deg bag that's cut even tighter to my body. And it's here! My brand-new Mountain Hardwear Phantom 15 Women's Long down sleeping bag! Boy, you should feel how warm this puppy is! It's like, INSTANT. I think it will keep me plenty warm up there (when I thought we were going in June). We'll see which bag suits the weather best by the time the trip rolls around.

But boy, I keep eyeing Pine-Dawson-Baldy and thinking I want to try the new bag out!

I guess I better get my mind back on the beach thing for least while I'm still restricted. I am slowly slowly SLOWLY feeling better. The dark circles under my eyes give away how rough the nights are. And the first thing upon waking, I usually choke for a half hour plus. My shoulders and back HURT from coughing so much. I still get sharp, breakthrough pains in my chest that appear to be cardiac in nature, as the pulmonary pain is ALWAYS there. I'll find out more when I see the heart surgeon tomorrow early morning (if he doesn't get called into emergency surgery again).

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