Monday, September 7, 2009

Packed and Ready to Go

Twelve Pounds!

We will be heading out tomorrow afternoon for the Sierras. I weighed my pack; with all my gear and clothes (but no water yet), it weighs 12 pounds. That's GREAT for ultralight backpacking; I can stay out indefinitely with what I've got. (I could go even lighter if I want to give up my creature comforts of 2.5" sleeping pad, down pillow, and change of clothing...which I don't!)

Of course, the guys will be carrying the food and community items (water filter, Jetboil, bear can, etc). They are both carrying ~40-45 pounds. We have enough food to last at least 5 days.

We plan to head north out of Agnew Meadows, past Olaine and Shadow Lakes to Ediza Lake for our first night out. Then we will drop down to Iceberg Lake. I am trying to talk my brother into staying out a little longer on the trail and dropping down a little further south to Deadhorse and Beck Lakes, then coming into the Postpile via Johnson Meadows.

Whatever; it's all good. And having grown up in Alaska, my brother and I are equipped to deal with whatever comes our way. [When my brother was 12, my mother dropped him off in the middle of BFE and let him hike 25 miles across the Alaskan wilderness, fording something like four rivers, over several days in the heart of bear season -- all by himself! Oh wait--she felt that pang at the last minute and sent the dog (bear bait) with him!]

One thing I know for sure: It's always an adventure! And I'm still going!!!

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