Monday, October 5, 2009

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Random notes:

I took pictures from our backpack in to show my various doctors and nurses. My cardiologist is convinced now that there is NOTHING wrong with my heart, 'cause he says I could NEVER have done what I did if there were any issues! But now he can't figure out what caused the effusion this past Spring; it definitely was NOT metastasis to the pericardium! (I told him God is protecting me.)

Tonight I am doing some sort of breathing test for the pulmonologist. I am still troubled with a nagging dry cough each night and morning, especially when I'm first awakening. I've decided to ditch ALL the cardiac drugs until these lungs are restored fully and I no longer cough.

I haven't had much heart to work on the Sierra trip report lately; a dear friend of ours tragically passed away from H1N1 and so I've been grieving. But I feel like working on it more again, so look for it to be up soon.

Well, fires are burning what hasn't already been burnt in our "backyard." Wonder if they'll be any pockets left next Spring to go shoot pictures? At least I'm not getting the smoke as badly, especially since we are able to keep the house closed up.

Cooler temperatures are here, so hot springs trips are in order! I have two different trips in mind; anyone want to go? Let me know!

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