Monday, November 9, 2009

Still Going

I've been working on the post for the second day of the Sierra backpack, but unfortunately DS decided to share a cold with me. Then, I received news that a close family member had tragically passed away. So working on the trail report ground to a sudden halt as my life became surreal as I tried to absorb the shock.

This has been a bad year for losing people for me, so I feel doubly blessed to still be here myself, still raising my family.
While I was on the road traveling home from the funeral---a long slur of time, miles, and decades---I was treated to the beautiful sight of Mt. Shasta in the morning sunlight.

It reminded me that I'd like to hike it; maybe not to the summit, but at least see how far I can make it before ice and snow turn me back. I'll do SOME ice and snow, as on our Mt. Whitney trip; but I just can't do the real stuff anymore.

Life is still good, and I am still blessed. May God bless my family and friends.

Take the highway.

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