Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Anniversary!

Four Years (and Halfway)...and a New Buddy!

I reached a very important milestone today; it is the fourth anniversary of when I learned cancer had returned and spread throughout my body. The news was very grim then: cancer had metastasized to my liver, leaving my life in imminent danger; as well as to my lung, lymph system, pelvis, bones in my spine, ribs, sternum, shoulders, and face. Cancer had even eaten one rib in two; we know now that it would take more than three years to heal.

My doctors are first-rate; nobody "sent me home to die." We decided to never give up, and here I still am. Drugs that have saved my life weren't even available when I first began this journey. And hope that I have now for a cure wasn't even on the horizon. So I am determined to make it all the way to the cure; I know this: each day I live is another day closer to the day we have the cure!

I have more reason to celebrate today: I received my twelfth dose of radiation, which is the halfway point. Twelve done and twelve to go. It's grueling and painful, so I am happy to be on the coasting-downhill side now. I am determined to make it through all 24 prescribed doses.

And I have the best news of all: I am very cheered up by the arrival of our newest golden, a male to keep my girl company. My new hiking buddy is a more creamy golden retriever, and he is just 7 weeks old. Rosie absolutely adores him; I think she thinks he looks just like her little brother!

So, meet Buddy! It won't be long till you see us out on the trails.


Buddy and Rosie are already inseparable and play tug-of-war together.

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