Thursday, March 24, 2011


After Six Very Long Weeks

I've survived whole-brain and -spine radiation, but barely! It's taken home health care and family members getting me up, dressed, and into the city for fluids daily. I am struggling and miserable, but I am still here and looking forward to feeling better every day!

One happy surprise was noticeable immediately to me: no "lightning" show in my head. "Hey, I'm not getting the same dose!" Yep, and only two blasts to the head-- no more whole-spine rads these last four days. HALLELUJAH! Lord knows my digestion system needs the break.

I also am still struggling with the "snowblindness" caused by the whole-brain radiation (WBR), so I will have to write more when I can. Meanwhile, I am just so very very grateful to have made it through the entire Rx of radiation!

The last day, smooshed facedown to get a "brain boost" dose of radiation.

Aw, they even gave me a certificate!
Good, because I feel like I EARNED this one the hard way!

The brown tracks on my head weren't there when I lost my hair-- they give away where the edge of the radiation fields were!


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