Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where Are We?

Round and Round

I've continued to worsen in the ear pressure, pain, and puking departments; so I made the rounds of all the doctors.

First I saw my oncologists who take care of Mr. Puffy and the portacath infusions. Like me, the increasing ear pressure concerns them that it's coming from the Internal Auditory Canal (IAC). To me, it feels as painful as a middle ear infection threatening to burst my eardrum. I mean, IT HURTS! So these doctors are glad I am consulting with other doctors and investigating Cyberknife, because what they do won't affect that IAC.

Meanwhile, we're continuing with what we've been doing (although we did boost the intrathecal dose another 5 mg). We all agree I am still too puny to add any of the very toxic chemotherapy back yet, so I remain on mostly monoclonal antibody drugs that should cross the blood-brain barrier.

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