Friday, April 4, 2008

Any day I wake up is a good day

I saw my oncologist yesterday, and all the news was good. My bloodwork remains PERFECT. The dr. said once I get the extra weight from the drugs off, my physical health will be PERFECT. Who cares what that spot on the ribs is? I'm still here!

I didn't get the chance to discuss my plans to climb Mt. Whitney with him yet, but will next time. I did get to discuss it with my oncology nurse, who warned me that oxygen will be an issue for me with my compromised lungs. So I will check into getting a little oxygen tank to take with us so that my lungs don't stop me from summiting if my legs are still willing.

I did tell her that my hiking partners include my brother (knows my health issues intimately; is an EMT; is a Sheriff's deputy; is a Rescue Squad member; specializes in high vertical and cave rescue; knows helicopters and GA aircraft); my best friend from caving days that I trust more than anyone else to be in a dangerous cave with; and my husband (knows my health issues intimately; emergency responder; Rescue team; knows triage/first aid).

So this still seems do-able!!!

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