Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mt. Baden-Powell

We took a drive up to Vincent's Gap on Sunday to scope out summiting Wright Mtn. and Mt. Baden-Powell as training for Mt. Whitney. Although the valley floor was enjoying blue skies and sunshine, the wind was blowing and the mountains were covered in clouds.

The gate at Blue Ridge is still closed and locked for the ski season, and enough snow still remains that it'll be awhile longer before they open the road. A govt truck/worker bee was ensuring noone bypassed the locked gate (although I did see some mtn bikes nearby). So we will have to skip Wright Mtn summit until after we've done some of the harder ones.

As we approached Vincent Gap, we found ourselves in a true icefog, which I have never seen outside of Alaska. The ice in the wind stung our faces and left rime on all the exposed flora. It was beautiful, but doesn't bode well for training in time, esp. given the two-month decrease we now face.
Icefog reduces road visibility significantly.

Rime on the pines' leading edges.

Even the chaparral got it.

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