Thursday, April 10, 2008

In Earnest

The rebuilding has begun in all earnestness now. Today I purchased a mountain bike and a really nice seat with the best shock absorbers I could find. Unfortunately, I was driving a CAR and had a heck of a time hauling the thing the 40 miles home. I had to buy some twine, stuff the thing in the trunk as best as I could, and stop 4 times to reposition it; but I never lost it, and both it and the car made it home unscratched.

We pumped up the tires and swapped off the seats, and away we went on the inaugural spin. We just took a mile-and-a-half, mile-and-two-thirds trip around the hills here, but it was enough to get me breathing and the lactic acid in my legs complaining. I held up just fine and am feeling great. I sure notice how much stronger my spine and my core muscles are getting.

So that's today's report.

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