Sunday, April 13, 2008

Checking it out so far

Today we skipped driving back into the hills on the dirt roads to picnic amongst the poppies. Instead, we unloaded our bikes and rode about a mile over hill and down dale to a good picnic spot.

The sun and the hills were just enough to tax me, esp. the lungs and also just in general. When we stopped, I ended up vomiting twice (just fluid, of course. DH says I'm frugal like that). I have done so much public vomiting these past 5+ years, thanks to all the chemo and drugs. I really want off this last drug, the one for the "my arm is in a campfire and I can't pull it out" pain. The healthier I get, the sicker that drug makes me!

Anyway, we enjoyed a nice picnic (Caesar salad and strawberries for me) and I got to shake down some equipment: I like my hiking boots and socks; they give good ankle support and protection. I need to adjust the straps on the H2O for hiking, but it was fine for riding. I better not trust the braking system on my bike for anything really significant (say, Mammoth Mtn ski lift significant).

DH got to try out his new toy (to go with my new toy of the mtn bike): a GPS system. That's how I know how far we went!
It was a nice day. 90 deg and only the slightest of breeze to wave the poppies, not enough to make them close up.

Boy, is it gonna be a long way to rebuild from Ground zero like this. One mile of hills and puking...sheesh. Oh, well. Don't look back. Just keep going forward. I can do this. I can rebuild me.

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