Sunday, April 27, 2008


Yesterday I was delighted to find something I could've used last week on Mt. Baden-Powell (so I have no doubts it will come in handy hereon)--a really good walking stick! It's perfect for my height, perfect for my grip, perfectly simple, perfectly shaped and perfectly elegant,'s purple!

Gracing Saddleback Butte Summit

Of course, I was dressed neck to ankle in purple at the time it jumped out at me from the long line of walking sticks, so it was apparent to one and all this particular stick was meant to be mine. The shopkeeper, a very gracious gent, even offered that I could 'just mail him a check in a couple of days'---and it was not inexpensive---but no need for that when I had all three cheque books. I'm just always grateful to find a shopkeeper who understands honest people DO exist and is willing to take cheques from us!

So today I am happy for having encountered such a nice shopkeeper and having in my possession this most exquisite of walking sticks for my treks.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are enjoying and using your stick! Hope we see you again at the Ren Faire
thanks again for the kind words
notice how I use this opportunity to put my name out there?