Thursday, June 5, 2008

Good Results

I am very thankful to report that the MRIs show the spinal cord is okay and is not currently being compressed!

The doctors and I are staying focused on the fact that the results don't show anything I haven't already been LIVING with. Unfortunately, that does include a compression fracture in a vertebra in the lumbar spine, and one in a vertebra in the thoracic spine. These fractures were caused by the degenerative aspects of bony metastasis; it's not anything I did or could have prevented. It's just where cancer cells have eaten the bone.

Looking at the MRIs and the compression fractures, and performing a "real-world" risk assessment, the neurologist thought I could definitely carry 5-10 pounds but should NOT go beyond that (and be very very careful).

So that's the bottom line...I keep it to 10 pounds and under. The sleeping bag I'm looking at weighs less than 2 pounds, and my pack (see ultralight post) is also ultralight.

I celebrated the good news with a TurboSonic workout to keep building up my bones/spine!

See you in the back country!

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