Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spinal MRIs

I did the MRIs of the thoracic and lumbar sections of my spine yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm paying a price for that knowledge --- a fair amount of the contrast went into my arm tissue instead of the vein. I am just numb enough from neuropathy that it was hard to tell until it started REALLY burning!

So today I am really struggling to deal with the residual effects of having that BURNING contrast in me, both in the body tissue and the bloodstream. Yes, sometimes I get REALLY TIRED of all this!

I will see the neurologist tomorrow to hopefully get the results and figure out what's going on with my spinal cord and the cancer lesions that are showing in those sections of my spine. Then we will better be able to do risk assessment for the "real life" part of the "living with cancer."

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