Friday, June 6, 2008

The Voodoo Stuff, Part 5

I've mentioned before "EB Cellular Cleanse"; it has been an important tool in my arsenal. So after getting an armful of contrast this week, you can bet I booked an EB cleanse for today!

EB Cellular Cleanse smacks of "voodoo" rather than science -- I have read the science part of it, seen it with my own eyes, and I still don't believe it! This is too weird!

What is it? It's simply an ionic footbath that pulls cellular debris out of the body via the feet. My feet start off in a tub of clean water with a tsp of sea salt and a little ion device that is plugged in. Twenty-three minutes later, my feet are in a tub of the strangest, nastiest looking water. How does this darn thing work? Are those really particulates of heavy metals and other cellular debris? All I know is I'm darn glad to have that junk OUT of me!

I do know of a woman doctor who is fairly famous for having beaten cancer -- and the ionic footbath is one of the tools she used.

Tests/studies done of the water after EB cleansing do show the presence of heavy metal particles, etc.; so science seems to agree there is something to this "voodoo" machine. The color chart that purports what you're seeing (black specks=heavy metals; orange=liver, etc.) was not found to be scientific. My personal experience? The color chart has some relevance. After all the congestion, I saw more of the white floaties associated with mucous. After doing nuclear medicine, I see more of the black spots associated with heavy metals.

I do recommend the ionic footbath, although I gotta warn you---it is a bit on the (mildly) gross side, in addition to just being STRANGE!

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