Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Nutrition Stuff, Part 1

I believe nutrition is one of the cornerstones of fighting cancer physically. By learning and maintaining good nutrition, I personally have enjoyed:
  • better tolerance of chemotherapies,
  • less dramatic hair loss,
  • less side effects from the drugs,
  • fast recoveries from surgeries,
  • fast detoxification of the liver after chemotherapies,
  • healthier skin and hair, and so forth.

Do I get tired of living that way in a world of yummy pizza and margaritas? YES!!! It's hard to be perfect, and I am so NOT perfect. But by striving to have perfect nutrition while still allowing myself to feel like I am not permanently cut off from any food, I am able to maintain a diet that is ~80% protein, fruits, and vegetables -- all healthy foods made by God. And that's how we're supposed to live, like it or don't!

Breakfast is green tea or yerba mate' with super-enriched honey; or a fruit smoothie. Fruit smoothies are made with fruit, esp. bananas, raspberries, and strawberries; and organic (probiotic) kefir. Fresh wheatgrass and powdered barley grass along with fresh-ground flax seed gets thrown in. So that's an example what I mean by "nutrition." Try to use food as close to how God made it (Jack Lalane lives by that), and try to pack as many superfoods as you can into your snacks and meals.

Here are some of the nutritional supplements I have already discussed in previous (voodoo stuff) posts:

fucoidan derived from brown seaweed
oxygen drops
nanized green tea
Sovereign Silver colloidal silver

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