Friday, May 23, 2008

Isn't This Memorial Weekend?

I can't believe what I see out my window---SNOW in our local mountains down to nearly the 4500' level! Am I EVER going to get to train on/climb Mt. Baden-Powell this Spring?? And I bet the Burkhart Trail will be a muddy mess after the precipitation, too; so biking to Devil's Chair is probably out for now. I wonder how much snow Mt. Whitney got?!

I think I'm going to enjoy a nice time this July checking out the Mt. Whitney "Zone"; but summitting Whitney itself will probably have to wait till '09. Esp. with this issue with my lungs anytime I am going uphill that slows my pace to a snail's crawl.

NOT that I'm not going to aim for the summit this July; I'm not going to limit myself! I'm just also not going to be stupid; I'll stop when my body tells me it's time to stop. I'm continuing with training on TurboSonic, but not getting to train in the local mountains at 7k+ elevations and having two months shaved off the training schedule hurts enough that I probably won't have the ability to summit this year.

Oh look, another goal to keep working toward---climbing Mt. Whitney in '09. What say you, guys?

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