Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Voodoo Stuff, Part 2

Another weapon in my arsenal to fight cancer has a significant amount of peer-reviewed research behind it showing that it is absolutely beneficial in fighting cancer: fucoidan derived from brown seaweed.

The peer-reviewed medical research I personally have read has been from scientists/researchers primarily in Japan, Europe, and the US. Forgive me if my chemobrain has it confused with another of my weapons, but I believe fucoidan helps with cell apoptosis, which is something really darn important to cancer patients AND Alzheimer's patients (which are yin-yang diseases in many ways).

Cancer cells are cells that are replicating out of control; they have "forgotten" their normal life-cycle programming. Alzheimer's patients have cells that have "forgotten" to replicate. Anyway, that's my layman's understanding...remember, I am NOT a doctor, don't purport to be, and am NOT giving medical information or advice. I'm just a cancer patient who is still here, fourteen months after cancer metastasized so far throughout my body (see first post) that my body began shutting down and I was afraid if I went to sleep, I wouldn't wake up again.

I have been "talking" on-line to a couple of HS-mates who are familiar with one source for this amazing substance called fucoidan; the source I currently use has impressed doctors at Sloan-Kettering with its results. Anyone interested in trying fucoidan derived from brown seaweed to nourish the body in a way that will help fight diseases should investigate what other additives are in the product and ensure none are problematic for you. The source that works for me may not work for you, as you may have food allergies I don't have. Of course, I also have added brown seaweed ("limu") to my diet---I esp. like limu poke.

Fucoidan appears to help the immune system (my belief is that fucoidan and other such things are simply proper nutrition our body needs, and so of course the immune system functions like it's meant to when you give the body the nourishment it needs to function). Other disease-fighters out there, not just cancer patients, may want to investigate this important substance further.

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Hiking for Hope said...

I've been told that coupling fucoidan with oxygen drops (see blog)increases the fucoidan's eficacy.