Friday, May 30, 2008

The Voodoo Stuff, Part 4

I have almost died several times, thanks to infections replicating rapidly whilst I have no immune system from chemotherapy. So one of the most important tools for my survival involves making sure I don't ever get infections.

I have now not been sick in YEARS, except for a brief sinus infection (after flying on a commercial airline) that I was over more quickly than the rest of the family.

So what is it I use? Sovereign Silver colloidal silver. I CAN NOT and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT recommend any other brand/product, especially since messing with colloidal silver can mess YOU up (check out the Blue Man on the Oprah show). So PLEASE, people: do NOT go buy some machine to "make your own," and do NOT go drinking tumblers of the stuff everyday.

I gargle with SS to knock down sore throats. I put it on the sores I get from chemotherapy. I take it anytime I feel I am starting to fight infection in any way.

I do know a woman who purports to have been cured of her cancer by her use of colloidal silver, which is what got me started investigating it. I do not know what brand/product she used; I just know that my research led to my decision to use ONLY the Sovereign Silver brand for any experimentation I wanted to do on myself.

Silver has long been known for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and I believe also antiviral properties. Last I knew, they still use it in newborns' eyes.

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