Monday, May 12, 2008

Two Good Tests to Have Passed


I went to see the oncologist today, and we were both totally excited and well-pleased to see I actually "passed" both tests, the bone scan and the CT scan!!! By "passed," we mean I am still markedly improved over last yr, the spot on the rib is now showing signs of healing, and the only cancer cells remaining are not even big enough to make tumors (largest spot (4 mm) is smaller than a BB (4.5 mm)). There are just a few teeny spots--cells, really--still in a couple spots on the bones and one in the lung. Pretty much what I've been living with since the mets got smacked down last year...I'm not in "remission," but the cancer hasn't been able to take off and thrive. What we'd un-PC-ly call a Mexican standoff.

Some teeny spots were new while some teeny spots from July's scans were gone, so it's just like my body did a little rearranging. It's clear the fight has been "ON" and the rounds are going to healing, not cancer. Always bear in mind I don't have to be completely cured, I just have to learn to live with this chronic defect until I get my 70+ yrs. NONE of the cancer is thriving anywhere, and my liver is CLEAR.

So we aren't even going to change my treatment (that's a big huge HALLELUJAH!!!!) right now; I do NOT have to go back on the toxic chemotherapies. I am so praising God for that one!!! I felt the spots were small enough that I cd continue to fight/overcome them using the methods I've been using, so I am really happy that my dr sees it that way, too.

He is sending me to a neurologist to check for spinal cord compression and to ascertain how much weight I can safely lift/carry. We agreed no more than 10# on my back, and I'm actually keeping it under 5#, until the neurologist checks me out thoroughly.

I'm still having a tough time breathing, but definitely improved over what it has been. After church yesterday, I cd go longer between allergy-tablet doses and was not as aggravated by symptoms. I will just stay inactive and indoors when it's nasty outside like this (windy and high pollen).

OK, I'm taking my miserable (but happy) behind to bed.

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